This group is all about connection and having a safe space to share with others and process life, something that’s missed in most of our day-to-day lives. The FSG model is a researched based approach that’s tailored to help you move from where you are to where you want to be. The group meets once a week for 10 weeks and together we put the science of flourishing into practice. Each session builds from the previous one, allowing us to emerge from our 10 week journey confident, capable, and with a group of new friends.

You will

Connect with Your Tribe

Learn to Manage Stress

Boost your Daily Happiness

Improve Your Well Being

Increase Self Awareness

Build Personal Mastery

Earn a Certificate of Completion




Being Pulled by the Future

Rewiring & Neuroplasticity

Breaking & Building Habits

Surrender the Desire to Make the Past Better

Inner Wisdom

Positive Introductions

Leveraging What’s Right With You

Amplify Gratitude

Mindfulness Meets Positivity

Cultivating Positive Relationships




“Through this group I developed an immediate bond with likeminded individuals.  With every session our connection deepened and grew together in our own way. We learned various simple and fun ways to manage anxiety and stress and achieved a greater sense of self-awareness and acceptance.  It was a life changing experience!” - Jean, New Jersey

 “The group offered me an opportunity to be in the moment, and feel completely supported by others around me.  It was so helpful to be in a supportive community where I could share anything I wanted to share – good or bad, and others do the same.  I was reminded that we’re all human. Simple exercises we did, honest conversations we had, and the faith we had in each other was an incredible source of inspiration during this time in my life.” - Anna, Brooklyn

“It was great to participate in group activities with an open group of people. The opening and closing mediation, and the facilitator's presentation was helpful.  They created an atmosphere that was both conducive to participating and receptive to everyone’s voice without judgment.” - Louise, Toronto