Alice is a Resilience Coach who supports women through major life transitions and empowers them as they create a life on their own terms. She combines her personal experience, natural empathy, and positive psychology knowledge to help others move forward – with lots of happiness along the way.


Alice Livermore, CAPP, CRT

Alice Livermore, CAPP, CRT

A few fun things about me: I love traveling, reading, and adding to my growing crystal collection. I am pretty good in Spanish and American Sign Language. My perfect Saturday would include lots of coffee, cuddles with my pup, and a stroll in the sunshine.

Hi, I’m Alice…

Once upon a time I was a happy newlywed, a fun-loving stepmom, and ambitious graduate student living in New York City. Then – I wasn’t.

I was blindsided by the truth and chose to end my marriage. It was painful, traumatic, and embarrassing. I lost all confidence and didn’t trust myself to make decisions. I didn’t think anyone could understand what I was going through.

Along my own healing journey, I realized this was my opportunity to rebuild myself and my life on my own terms. I committed to living with greater awareness and uncovered my passion for learning and connecting with others.

This led me to the applied positive psychology certification program at The Flourishing Center in New York City. I immersed myself in the latest research in well-being. As a certified positive psychology practitioner and resilience trainer, I understand the “why” and “how” certain strategies work to improve life satisfaction and success.

A divorce, a break-up, or a major life change can be the catalyst for the greatest growth in our lives. I am grateful to share proven methodologies to help people find more peace of mind, develop healthier lifestyles and ultimately thrive during a time that often feels negative and out of control.

My private coaching practice allows us to work together one on one to to uncover your true dreams and desires, identify your challenges and obstacles, and create a personalized action plan. I am here to provide support and accountability to help you show up in the world the way you want to.

While I wouldn’t say my break-up was the best thing that ever happened to me (in fact, it’s the worst), I am grateful for my journey. It allowed me to find deep strength, meaning and purpose. I am passionate about supporting others and helping them along their path.