Do you know the one about not being able to teach old dogs new tricks? Don't believe it. I just turned 70 and Alice Livermore has changed me in more ways than I can describe. Not only has she guided me to new ways of thinking about myself, but she has altered the way I look at life and behave towards others. That is no easy trick for someone as set in his ways as I have been. But she has worked a minor miracle on me, simply through her guidance, compassion, and understanding. As a Life Coach, I think Alice Livermore is without peer. She is that good at what she does!


This past Spring, I had the privilege of working with Alice and it was fantastic!

My memorable coaching sessions were the ones where I was tired, over talking, and not feeling very brave. Alice provide a kind space to simply let my thoughts and feelings bubble all over the place while I sorted out where to start and what steps to take. Even in this space – Alice kept track of the conversation not allowing me to ramble all over. There was focus, intent, and real accountability.

Alice is a mighty gal who is not only trained to be a coach but has experienced setbacks in her own life and has decided not to allow those events to be a crutch. So not only is she your coach. Alice is your example of amazing. She’s a mentor without even trying.

Alice is a gifted coach and her clients will benefit greatly from working with her. I am grateful that we had the opportunity to work together for so much of what we covered is still lingering and I refer to my notes often.

You will change into someone you love when you work with Alice.